Salin™ 60 Day Money Back Guarantee
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  • 从前面动插图前如有声音_从前面动插图前如有声音_从前面动 , 香纯ゆい有无码 高清大全, 死神松本乱菊本子福利 高清完整视频
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  • Conditions of the 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

    1. Customer must trial the Salin Plus™ device for a minimum of 30 days from date of purchase.
    2. If the customer determines that they are not totally satisfied with their health improvements after the 30 day trial, they may return the device to WyMedical so that the pharmacy they purchased it from may process their full refund, subject to the following conditions.
        从前面动插图前如有声音_从前面动插图前如有声音_从前面动 , 香纯ゆい有无码 高清大全, 死神松本乱菊本子福利 高清完整视频
      1. The customer contacts WyMedical within 60 days of the purchase date via
      2. Metropolitan – The device is returned to the pharmacy where it was purchased. The WyMedical area representative is contacted to arrange collection at an appropriate time.
      3. Regional – The device is posted to WyMedical at 466 Fullarton Rd, Myrtle Bank, SA 5064.
      4. The returned device must include the original proof of purchase, along with the customer’s name and contact details. The device is in “as new” condition with the adaptor and original packaging.
    3. Once WyMedical or the Pharmacy receives the returned device as per the conditions above, the pharmacy can issue a full refund to the customer. WyMedical will then provide the pharmacy with a brand new unit at no cost, by either courier or the WyMedical area representative.
    4. This policy covers the Salin Plus™ device only and not unused filters that may have been purchased at time of purchase.
    5. This policy comes into effect as of the 1st of May 2016, and applies to all sales made in Australian retail pharmacies after this date.
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